Old long forgotten City songs


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30 Jan 2006
City boys we are here,sh*g your women and drink yo
We never sing these in FA Cup or EFL Cup games anymore

“We’re on the march with Guardiola
We’re all going to Wembley
And we’ll really shake them up when we win the FA Cup
Cos City are the greatest football team”

“Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be
We’re going to Wembley
Que sera sera”

We only sing “Wembley Wembley, we’re the famous Man City and we’re going to Wembley” these days.
After the 1976 Cup Final -
Que sera sera
Whatever will be will be
The reds lost at Wembley
Que sera sera .


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5 Jan 2021
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Not a song but does anyone remember that sort of slow handclap thing fans used to do years ago, I think it was a way of the older more respectable fans showing they were getting a bit pissed off at the ref without booing or shouting to much abuse?
Probably early 1970s when I remember it sat as a kid with my dad in the newly covered North Stand.

Spurs quarter 69

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10 Sep 2020
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City and Fleetwood Town
Think club songs are more original these days, in the 70s and 80s we would sing YNWA and even the rags had their offensive version of it. Everyone sang the moronic " ere we go ". Most clubs have their own songs these days mind you think it's only us and the rags don't sing a version of Olay Olay.
Never cared for blue moon originally Crewe Alex's song, think our best song is " we're not really here. Think Forest's version of "Mull of Kintire" is one of the best songs around at the moment.

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