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The Black Shed

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9 Oct 2012
Well.. here goes you naysayers.... Believe it if you want understand if you want .. ridicule also of you want .. I lost my son just over a year ago.... He has returned a few times... Even my partner has seen him .. smelt his deodorant (like all young boys Lynx Africa)... We don't allow it in the house .. something is odd and he never slept here...I saw him at the end of the bed just a moth ago. When I woke.. and no I don't drink ....was I looking for him.. not sure just know he visited..
I believe you and I'm very sorry that your son passed away.


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6 Nov 2007
Shortly after my mum died I came out of the living room shut the door and went to head upstairs. As I did I caught the heavy scent of a perfume she wore when I was a kid. She only wore it on rare occasions so not often. As quickly as it came it was gone in a few seconds. I didn't own this perfume myself. Not sure my mum even had it any at the that she died. If wasn't even a very common fragrance either but for me smells are memories and that one always reminded me of he because nobody else wore it, not even me. Was so weird

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