Paris Saint-Germain (H) - CL SF | Post-Match Thread


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27 Mar 2011

**** was unable to spot a leader or a spine for the final 20 years of his tenure. Get in the sea Arsene.

It really does explain a lot about Wenger...probably more than he realises.

If he'd signed Fernandinho in 2007-9 they would have won a few more league titles and probably a CL or two.

He really was (and evidently still is) incapable of seeing what a defensive midfielder is.


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26 Jun 2020
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Man City
Jeez I thought Man U and Liverpool were unlikeable but PSG take it to a whole new level...

Imagine supporting that lot!
Not quite up there with Porto, who are in a league of their own, but they’ll doubtless come back stronger next season!


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5 Jun 2009
I do think the ref deserves a mention. He got two horrible decisions wrong early with the handballs for the penalty and one on foden when he chested it but after that I think he handled it very well.

Was sensible, didn't blow every time a player touched another which went both ways, both sides not getting fouls that probably were. He handled the psg temper tantrums really well also even though he booked zinchenko wrongly. He probably could have sent 1 or 2 off late on with some of those challenges but I think yellows were the right call. Further reds would have turned it into a farce, he recognised the game was over and just tried to see it out without it boiling over. Good performance from him in a difficult game to ref.

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