PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

To be fair the media giddiness would have you believe Scruffy Jim’s cash (ie tax dodging funds) have gone into the club coffers whereas the reality is it’s gone into the Glazers back pockets. The Rags cash position is largely unchanged as a result of Scruffy Jim buying a few of the Glazer families shares.
Exactly !
Is Gullible their first big signing now they can spend money again?
Gullible* has played for so many clubs, his biography is called 'Gullible's Travels'.. mind, give him his due for his pace.. he's definitely a Swift character..

(..all right, all right.. I'll get me coat..)

(* 'Gullible' actually refers to what the owners and management of the Red Filth think the rest of us are who follow footy.. especially in letting them set the agenda for FFP, which affects the rest of us while they circumvent it without being questioned by the supine UK sports media..)
Another large issue they will have is how to deal with the ramifications of having a significantly reduced attendance.
1. massive drop in revenue, unless they end up at Wembley.
2. Paying rent for whereever they end up
3. Disruption to how fans plan travel to games.
4. Dealing with season ticket holders - who decides who gets a ticket in the reduced capacity, with its additional obvious Reduction of season ticket revenue.

I’m struggling to see how they can do any change from what they have now, without a 1bn+purchase cost investment in a new ground on an entirely new site (where?).
Easy, Season Tickets to locals only.

They can share with "FC throw my toys out of the pram Rags of Manchester" and give the other half of the ground to away fans.

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