PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

In respect of the PSR rules or the more serious stuff they've been accused of? Or both?!
PSR, he said that they need to make 100 million profit this season and seems unachievable because sales must be made before the end of June and that isn't going to happen.
This post is a very tenuous link to the thread but I’ve nowhere else to place it.

A Yemen’i fella has just taken over our local Chippy, I’m not a regular customer but called in on Sunday. Got talking to him, lovely guy, really good English. He told me he was born and brought up in Saudi Arabia by his Yemen’i parents. They had a very successful business in Saudi and he was given a decent level of education.

With the conflict going on against Yemen the Saudi government took away his parents business with no compensation and have given it to a Saudi National (who’ll probably get a lackey to run it). His parents are still in Saudi living off their savings. He had no option other than to get out as he needs to work so he’s ended up buying the Chippy and living in the flat above the shop.

He told me the Saudi government is answerable to no one, they do as they wish and I think that’s one reason they are a dangerous state, could they manipulate football somehow at Newcastle? I know they will be answerable due to various FFP legislation’s but they really have managed to make Saudi look like a progressive state with all their sports involvement. There is however a dangerous underbelly with the “House of Saud”.

I know there’s parallels with Abu Dhabi but the latter seems way ahead of Saudi with reforms and independence.
There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis
Everton's points deduction will, I'm almost certain of it, be either totally rescinded (and replaced by a set of limits to future squad size and spending plus a big fine) or reduced to maybe 5/6 points. I'm predicting this will be done by the end of February at the latest.

Just a hunch I've got. (cue the Quasimodo pics ;)
WOW! I amaze myself sometimes :)

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