Pochettino sacked by Spurs

Alan Harper's Tash

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12 Dec 2010
People said we needed shaking up when AVB came, Ramos came (both won Europe)

Throw in the turgid style of football he plays and the extorsionate wages he commands. Surely this has to be a wind up?
Who do you want?
What have you made of the decision to sack MP?

The Leipzig manager would be top of my list for you, followed probably by Eddie Howe.


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19 Sep 2005
Can see several players looking to leave. I think Kane will want out, but I can't see City stumping up the fee which Levy will want.
No one wants kane's now contorted drug addled frame - he is shot. Only effective against compliant eastern european club and national sides.


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27 Mar 2011
Why would anyone appoint Mouriniho after the way his last two gigs ended?
I'm still very skeptical of the finances working out, but if they do get him I think it could be a brilliant move.

Mourinho's an underdog. Porto & Inter were his best work and Chelsea had a massive chip on their shoulder in 2003 as well. He makes his players believe they're fighting against the odds and it just doesn't work at clubs like United or Madrid.

If he's going to have another successful job, Spurs is set up perfectly for it. If anything is going to convince Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Eriksen to stay, it'll be the chance to train under one of the best managers of the last 20 years. There's a very good squad, CL group is pretty much done and dusted.

The timing is good as well. Spurs are 14th now, but only 3 points off 5th so he only needs a little bit of improvement to get them right up the table, and to be honest with Pochettino seemingly looking to leave at the end of the season, it might even be that firing him while Mourinho was on the market is a really, really smart move.

West Ham, Olympiakos, Bournemouth, United & Burnley is an easy first 5 games as well.

I think it's worth a go for Spurs. He could be the person who takes Pochettino's work and turns it into a trophy or two before the team breaks up in 3 years time any way.
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29 Dec 2007
Lots of reports online that Mourinho is going to be announced. That’s fast! You would almost think spurs had spoken to Mourinho before sacking poch. Of course this is ok to do if you aren’t manchester city.


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31 May 2017
This Mourinho stuff is really interesting. I think he has another chapter left to write and in the right situation could be very successful again, but he also earned £24m a year at United. Even if he takes a huge pay cut just to get the job is Levy really going to pay that after spending £20m to sack Poch and his staff? Mourinho will have other options, and looking at the amount of work Tottenham will need over the next window or two the prospect of doing it with limited funds might not be all that attractive. Though I guess if he really does want to stay in England this is pretty much it for him.

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