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Making it or consuming it?
Consuming. You could wipe out a family you don't like by making them home-made chilli oil as a gift. Botulism....the oil makes it perfect for the bacteria on the chillis to multiply. Any veg...especially garlic. You have to consume the home-made stuff in a few days. The shop bought chilli oil is ok, though.
Just found out that Katsu Curry was invented by the British Navy and the Japanese took a liking to it. The "Katsu" comes from their mispronunciation of "cutlet"

Ekaterina Lisina has the longest legs among women in the world, is the world's tallest model, and as far as anyone can tell, has the biggest female feet in Russia.​

Ekaterina Lisina holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest legs among women. According to the institute, her left leg measures 52.3 inches while the right one is an even 52 inches long.

The model stands 6’9″ tall, and realized rather early that her height would be one of her biggest assets. With a successful career in basketball where height is of the essence, the young Russian’s foresight allowed her to find favor in both sports and modeling industries early on.


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