Premier League Games 10/11/12 Feb '24

Why wouldn't they? Club captain and hero moves to a London rival. Meanwhile clubs with no connection to Grealish (such as your own) boo Grealish for being Grealish.
Pretty sure every club's fans boo Grealish, same as they boo Saka. They are just 'that' kind of player.
Amateur football, losing by a big score and the marde arse always puts the hand up saying he has an injury, first in the shower, dressed by the end of the game. 4-0 down hamstring it was known, wonder if any of the Hammers players get it today.
Disappointed in Hammers fans there, I get going for a (stiff) drink early but fuck me !
I don't think our fans can say anything. We are treated to the best team and best manager in the world yet there were thousands of empty seats at 1-0 yesterday.

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