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4 Feb 2010
Plugging my brain in
Does literally anyone here remember the Son/Gomes incident two years ago, when Gomes broke his leg? Son didn't do much wrong, it was just very unlucky that Gomes broke his leg. Still, Son was sent off.

He ended up having his red card rescinded.
The tackle was from behind and spiteful

colorado blue

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20 Jun 2009
Commentary 'confirmed' that the ref was going to send him off before the VAR review.

I suspect he was probably planning to send a Leeds player off before he even arrived at the ground.
My comms said VAR wasn’t involved. Ref made the decision on field. I didn’t even see him blow for a foul at the time. Haven’t seen a replay and neither did ref…he had plenty of time to take a look but seems klopp got in his ear.

balotelli's back pocket

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12 Jan 2016
I'd wait to see a better replay angle before claiming it's a good tackle. Looks like he may have caught the lad's ankle with a straight trailing leg.

You take a massive risk when you lunge in from behind.

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