Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances


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29 Oct 2008
He wasn’t the worst today, but he was still poor. Never got the ball fully under control when he runs with it, always ends up stumbling into an opponent and turning over possession, never gets a shot away when clean through, and rinse and repeat

He was no worse than Jesus,and better than Aguero and Mendy.

But,i expect more from Sterling,because he is capable and it is expected given his standing and the money he earns.

His impact/influence simply isn't enough,but it seems he has plenty fooled.


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22 Dec 2016
You are judging him against has-beens and those that never was. I am not interested how he stacks up against the likes of Torres, who has achieved nothing in the game, it’s like comparing Messi against Nolito. In that frontline, Sterling should be head and shoulders above them and he is nothing of the sort. He should be showing enough to say to Pep that he should be in the main team instead of Foden or Mahrez. Not “oh look at me being a little bit better than Torres”.

If you are happy to accept that level of performance then you crack on. You might be unhappy that I won’t accept it but clearly neither will Pep, which is why Sterling has gone from golden boy to reserve.
I don't understand what your not getting here.

I didn't say Sterling is world class this season, or this game, I have already agreed with you. Why are you arguing with me on this?

I'm saying that even if he isn't up to his best standard today, he was still our best outlet, and was one of the bigger positives this game.

Obviously he can be better and I want that, but the fact that he was still our best forward and is still under performing to his high standards kind of proves you keep this player.

Your Messi to Nolito comparison literally proves this, you wouldn't sell Messi if he was out of form.

You are the ones who swings from world class to shit, which is disingenuous.

And I know Foden has been better, which is why he is the starter over Sterling, again we both know this.

Anyway, over this discussion as this thread proves to never go anywhere.

city warrior

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6 Apr 2021
I think we can all agree that he and Jesus had similar games. They were good enough (6/10), but still very far from Mahrez, Foden, KDB or Silva's level.


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21 Jul 2007
Raheem is a player that makes things happen-at his best he's relentless, non stop-always driving and creating havoc. Yes, he's dipped terribly, but there have been signs recently-and today he takes the goal well, struggles dropping into a number 8 role in the first half and gets knocked over for what looked a pen. He was far from the problem today.

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