Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

Match Result vs Real Madrid (H)?

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Eccles Blue

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27 Aug 2009
Eccles of course! Just Eccles!!
Oh cannot compare the 2
Oh yes I can when I see the hypocrisy! I was on a coach that got attacked by Liverpool fans when the window got broken and an elderly supporter was sitting next to it!
You can yawn when you’ve not seen your family since March, when you’ve got friends dying of this disease and stupid fools are carrying on as if it’s nothing!!! You can yawn when you’ve only been allowed out of the house 4 times for almost 6 months!
You can yawn when you can’t attend the funerals of good friends!
You can yawn when relatives have to cancel weddings.
But hey that’s ok as long as a shower of selfish football fans can throw things toward a coach which contains some footballers who have asked you not to do it!!
Selfish morons all of them!!!
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