Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

Match Result vs Real Madrid (H)?

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1 Aug 2019
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Has Pep said that in his presser ie, he was prepping him to start tomorrow?
Given that Garcia was starting in a pair with Laporte after the break, I guess Pep was prepping him to play against Madrid. Otherwise, Pep would have played the other CBs more often. Might be wrong though.


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4 Jun 2009
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Please no stupid errors City, most of the goals our opponents score are down to mistakes from our own players. If we play like we did in the first leg that will do for me, albeit we need to be more clinical.

Think Pep will play Gundogan instead of Bernardo, but despite having a poor season I am hoping Bernardo is saving his best for the final part of the season.


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13 May 2013
No one seems to have mentioned this yet.. you seen the news that Bale has said he doesn’t want to play against us! I love how he doesn’t care about Madrid


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20 Mar 2011
Have a feeling we might sit back a bit and try to punish them through counters. Its risky with our defence to invite pressure but we have a big advantage now.

It only would work in a kind of 4231, with Rodri and Gundogan but would not mind Rodri and Fernandinho in a duo front of defence with KDb also stepping back if needed and build some counters from deep.

Real has to score 2 goals minimum to have any kind of chance. They need to attack, need to push and if we can avoid conceding first 30 minutes they will need to push up even more where we can cause issues with counters.

Benzema is deadly when he has chances from counters, I dont want them to have 2-3 shots and 2-3 goals because we dominate.

Let them dominate a bit they rarely had to recently in the league as they went 1-0 up then they played simple football, not trying to score 5 but just win the game 1-0, 2-0.

We have too avoid conceding early, 150% concentration needed, and no red cards or pens to give away please City.

After Monaco, Liverpool and Spurs lost CL ties, Pep now finally had a great away leg unlike in previous 3 years, lets make it count.

Bit worried about the Arsenal semifinal, that level of horrible display in first half with no shots, no attacks, when it was supposed to be the main practice for this CL game is just impossible to explain.
No place for it tomorrow.

Lets go through whatever it takes and get Lyon maybe instead of Juve. :)
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