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According to BBC website, both semi-finals will be played on the same evening. That cannot be right as surely one on Tues and one on Weds makes better sense.
well its not like they have to worry about the 2 manchester clubs playing at the same time these days is it
We are a stronger and a better team and Madrid know it. They had the benefit of 10 days rest, home advantage, no KDB or Walker last week. That's now flipped. Now it's our turn and we have to be on them as a crowd the moment they touch the ball and for 90+ mins. Say what you like about the dippers, but they make Anfield an absolute hot house on European nights as we did last year against this lot. If we repeat that, then team will do the rest. I know me and my mates are revved for this as I am sure most proper City fans are. We are the 12th man that RM are scared of and were scarred by last year...
PSG and Dortmund are nothing we can't beat over two legs, and I've said more than enough about my opinion of old Tommy Wingback and his Bayern side. If we get through this, tonight, I would absolutely back us to record back-to-back Champions League wins.
We wouldn’t be playing either over two legs though?
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