Real Madrid post match post mortem

Plus the coward got hit in the balls with the ball and gave a drop ball when not our player responible or problem and was nearly vomiting blood to boot. Then we gave them the ball back, WTF?

What a soft Mother Fucker. Vexed this Morning.
Can't expect to win a game by sleep walking.

We had our chances
We played like shit,
We shot penalties like shit,
We deserve to be out!

We have no one to blame but OURSELVES! Well done Real Madrid.

Doku was the lone standout and made things happen!
We couldn’t through,didn’t think we were that bad tbh
Even though we'd won if away goals rule is still in place, I'm still glad that dumb rule has gone to the dumpster. This is the proper way to break a two legged tie.
That was embarrassing from Bernardo. Absolutely no excuse for that.
We should have gone for the jugular after we equalised. They were there for the taking.
We played well overall. But, we only have ourselves to blame for going out.
We were trying,
Ultimately we could not break down a 'Not so Real Madrid' with 11 players in the box. Gave it a good crack. Onto the Premier League and a big pick up needed for Wembley FA Cup now.
Well done lads. Unlucky.
I had a genuine question to a Madrid supporter and his mate, I asked him how they could get tickets in the CB Level 2 stand , (not the Corporate block), a fucking dickhead (supposedly a Blue) said “they’ve got my seats, I’ve given up, if you go abroad you’d know about it” what the fuck?
What does that even mean?
You are right he missed a small number of things that you have listed, but overall he wasn't too bad. We have had much worse. I don't think the ref was deliberately bad, or corrupt, he just couldn't notice everything.

Remember Lahoz? He basically cheated us against Liverpool, disallowing a perfectly good goal and sending Pep off for complaining. I am still convinced, Lahoz's appointment, as ref to the CL final against Chelsea, likely made Pep not start a DM, because he didn't want to have Lahoz give him 2 yellow cards and have him sent off!

No he was not corrupt, but he certainly was out of his element navigating a team that are masters of shithousery. For a game of this magnitude, "he wasn't too bad" is not good enough.

The first leg ref was outstanding and a breath of fresh air. Mind you we may never see him again if Madrid TV continues their attacks on refs and the smear campaigns they engage in to put pressure on them.

Outside of the Premier League, they are the most despicable club both on and off the pitch, but that is a different conversation altogether.
The same Walker that owned Vinicius tonight. Doku created the equalizer. Good lord there is some shit being spouted tonight. Think this tops it, well done.
Foden being forced out wide did fail miserably that he's tasted success playing inside moving him out wide is no longer a viable option...he looks very uncomfortable out wide and nowhere near the player he is inside...this needs to get resolved going forward for the sake of the team and of the player...
pathetic display from our so called "leadership group" in the penalty least Bernardo took show from Rodri,Walker/Diaz

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