Real Madrid post match post mortem

Having slept on it the only regret and frustration I have is Pep hooking Erling and Kev. I know hindsight is a wonderful thing, but pens were very likely at that point and I'm not having they couldn't have played another 30 minutes. Adrenaline alone would have seen them through.

Ah well, wasn't to be.
I hope the arsehole that was holding the ball while Silva waited is pleased with himself? Can’t get my head around the thinking behind it and I assume he got some right hammer after
Mate you’re spot on that upped the pressure hugely. Total tosspot whoever did that
Pep should have sent someone else up for the pen as soon as that clueless fool messed with Bernie's focus. This tiktok attention seeking era has to come to an end at some point. So sick of these silly fans and their obsession for attention. It's not like people run up to you while working to distract you (assuming the fool has a job) or take your working tools for fun and then return it when they feel like i. Football might seem like fun to those watching but Bernie was WORKING yesterday, that's his job!!!

Straws being clutched to death.
Have had a little time to think about and it’s dawned on me that Ancellotti played a blinder, in that he played the tie BACKWARDS, knowing he had extra time & penalty kicks at the end.

To explain, Ancellotti played this second leg like it was a first leg away, which means he played it not to lose and take the draw, if necessary…knowing he was confident in his team winning penalties with a keeper that has SAVED OVER ONE THIRD OF THE PKS HE HAS FACED!

In the first leg, Ancellotti played as if it was the Second Keg, and went Hell for leather trying to break on City and hit shots from outside the box on the run.

Regardless, he knew he wasn’t going to get done like he was done last season and made the adjustment to play the First Leg like it was the Second Leg, and when they didn’t win, was even more determined that the Second Leg would be played like the First Leg.

That’s coaching in Europe like a Boss.
He is one clever nanager. He admitted he didn't want to sit back lije that but as his second rate midfield were chasing shadows after 15 mins he had plan B. Stay compact and let us have the width as we usually just cycle the ball. Doku was the key though. He actually threw them as he attacked like a winger and we were inlucky post Doku coming on. Real are average. Well managed though. Anyone talking about Bellinghams miss control helped fluke their goal. We were so poor until they scored sadly.
Fucking hell.

"He doesn't seem interested"

Some of the stuff people come out with
Ok not interested might not seem like the right word but it's more like he doesn't even think or believe that he could save it. I have watched most of his pens and its like he picks a spot and just dives without paying attention to the player's eye movement and stance, sometimes he dives way too early. Eddie wouldn't have saved that Bernie's pen yesterday as he would have gone too early and watching the replay, you could clearly see that Bernie's eye and feet coordination gave him away.

When it comes to Penalties, All players rely on the eye and feet coordination, these are things penalty specialists look out for. It might not be too late for Eddy to improve in this part of his game but it might be wise to focus on the individual strengths of the keepers rather than try to introduce a new style of training. That way we have Eddy for normal time and Ortega for pens.
very similar to the way Arsenal set up, I take a little comfort from the fact that one of the best teams in the premier league and the supposed biggest club in the world sat with 10 in their own box for pretty much the whole of the game as they knew they couldn't go toe to toe with us.

Need to bounce back at the weekend now, I'm going for a rare Thai meal after the game and going out of the FA cup will really sour my food :/

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