Real Madrid post match post mortem

Not fucking useless that’s OTT but he’s pretty anonymous most of the big games. Easily owned by good defenders.

100% Haaland is not fully fit or is carrying an injury
We are all forgetting he is still a very young man and still has loads to learn, Never was going to repeat the season he had from the treble season, Haaland will be back and will win us loads more games and silverware in games like tonight.

I bet that the injury to the foot is a metatarsal problem that is not healing and will need surgery in the summer, So he could be getting injections for the pain and taped up, Also he could not be fully training meaning his fitness is not good
One of the most one sided games of football I've ever seen. A miracle Real got through that, but their game plan worked and the better team went out
Probably means they rest v Chelsea. The starting XI v Chelsea could be anything.
Most will disagree but I couldn’t give a toss about the FA Cup this weekend. Everything has to go into winning our remaining league games. The title is everything and the FA Cup is a nice-to-have. Pep can play his daughter at CB on Saturday, as long as the guys are fit and ready to win the PL.
That will be the biggest question in the post mortem. Why the fuck did we dampen down the mood with the old man walking football from the outset? ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠⊙⁠_⁠ʖ⁠⊙⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

Last season Real faced a white hot Etihad which intimidated the fuck out of them. They've been mentioning our fierce, scary atmosphere all week, so why didn't we set our stall out to give them a repeat?

We made a rod for our own backs, & aside from the Rudiger miss, Real hardly touched or threatened us.

We should've had the flags out & whipped the crowd up to a frenzy, but we seemed to come with tactics over emotion, meaning we didn't capitalise on our home advantage.

Real didn't win tonight, we lost through our strange decision to start the way we did. Alas, it's another painful lesson learned, & with Mbappé & Endrick to arrive at Real next season, they'll be even more dangerous on the break.

Tonight was a massive opportunity missed.
Na it was loud as hell today. Look it’s football KDB missed a sitter. Foden missed a sitter. Silva wanted to be too clever. All humans it happens it’s not that deep. We are not entitled to success and they probably do not even go on to win it.
We did not batter them. If we had we would have won and be through to the semi's.

We had the most possession. But we did nothing with it.
Played in front of them a lot which Madrid probably loved… so slow and pedestrian AAARRRGGGHHHHH

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