Redirects on site/ad issue on iPad

Have any of you on iPads tried Mozilla Firefox? Perhaps it's the version of Safari rather than the OS version that's an issue? The iPad version is different from the iPhone one as we're always having issues with customers at work with iPhones, get them to try the same thing from an iPad and it usually works first time of asking.

That said my one and only occurrence was on Windows 10/Brave browser.
Lots of problems with advertising slowly got worse I’m on a different iPad I’m getting a separate whole page advert that logs me out of Bluemoon l get the usual ones as well.
Both are apple Ipads. The other one has the fault on
Not very tech minded so can you help please Ric or the mods
I was attempting to type a reply to the thread on my iPad but have given up . This message is sent from my android phone
Originally it was the message to say I had visited dodgy websites, but now it's redirecting me to all kinds of different Web pages
It's only happening on the iPad. My android phone and PC aren't affected
Here's a list of the websites, from history, test it directed me to
On my iPad same thing since last night saying 4 bodies trying to get into device.
Happening whenever I go on.
Logged out can’t log back in as it redirects before I finish putting password in.
Deleted it off my ipad.
Bit worrying.

Hi mate, was just reading a thread and got redirected to a pop up saying my macOS was compromised, or some bollocks, and the url was something like - obviously just closed the window on my iPad.

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