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Tim of the Oak

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29 Dec 2012

Some of this is covered in the Amnesty thread but deserves its own space because it's about who returns, when and how.

The club hasn't asked how many fans are happy to return so the ballot is fuzzy and no mention of points or supporters club allocation? Let alone Citizens and those who go game by game.

Great news for those happy to defer for a year but still raises more questions than answers?

I can’t imagine that with a maximum initial capacity of around 15k, the Club will be desperate for Supporters Club Branches to shift tickets to avoid empty seats


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16 Sep 2006
Wouldnt it be easier to see how many card holders apply and then split them into groups. And then make sure they all get some Band A games.


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27 Jan 2014
Been going to games since 68 and a seasoncard holder for decades, but as someone in the COVID vulnerable category, I won't be bidding to go to games in the ballot for the foreseeable future. I'll review the situation in 21/22 hoping and praying that it'll be safe to return, but we'll have to wait and see. We have a second seasoncard that my sons share. Both seasoncards will be deferred. In these exceptional circumstances, this is a good and well thought out solution from our club.
Completely agree. My wife and I will both defer but it takes away the awful prospect of us losing the season card. Hopefully next year a vaccine will fix this. Its a sensitive and welcome step by the club.


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19 Oct 2010
Be interested to know whether for those who tend to go with others if you can be "grouped" in a ballot. So either you all or none of you get a ticket and could attend together im the appropriate socially distanced manner.
I could imagine it get a little messy; what would be the maximum size of a group etc.


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9 Oct 2011
@Prestwich_Blue . The defferal idea is spot on well done all.
As regards a ballot how will that work as I like many attend with my son and daughter, if we all don't get tickets we all won't come, but will only find out after the ballots done, so we may win say 2 tickets and reject them back to the club, I'm sure many will do the same?
If we apply individually could it even be the case we could all end up sat apart in different stands?
Personally I would ask each fan similar to what hospitality have been asked when they want to come back and work those nos.
Fasted on the button maybe £35 upper £30 lower not a ballot for me also if we go down the path of charging match day prices £50/60 we drop out as its beyond my means paying for 3 to attend
More questions than answers l guess?

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