Return of Supporters


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26 Nov 2015
Yes pal.
And was low as 15.5k for a couple of home games in the late 80's.
And some aways with just a few hundred eg Newcastle I remember us only having 2 pens behind the net.
Should be automatically given platinum for following us all over in that period!
Full Members Cup - 14th October 1985 - Leeds - Attendance 4029.

AWS Cup - 8th December 1998 - Mansfield - Attendance 3007.

No queues on either occasion IIRC.


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12 Sep 2005
Am I being thick here? Where do I submit my entry for the ballot?

Ive waited in the queue and on the ticket site, but don’t see anything
You need to go top left and select the menus and find the one with ballot and not ticket (which is where it takes you after the queue ).

If you find the ballot icon it’s like a normal ticket purchase then.

Newman Noggs

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27 Dec 2009
Gone fishin'
Current points system doesn't work, I get all those who have put the hard yards in, but how do the young ones get to put the hard yards in, sick of hearing , I was at York, etc. It's not the young ones fault they weren't born then, and this isn't about me as I am 62 now, so I am not young in age only young in mind

I tend to agree but having read every side of the argument on here, it's clear there is no satisfactory answer that pleases everyone.

In theory, though, the points total should come down as us oldies die off. I think the club has to make sure that the season cards, and the points, belonging to an individual aren't passed on to others in the event they stop going or the inevitable happens.

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