Russian invasion of Ukraine

From "The Analyst":


As part of their offensive campaign, the lower part of the Eastern front at Novomikhailivka was a Russian target that they have tried for weeks to take. Capture would have eased their path to breaking the key Vuhledar defences they’ve been after for over a year. It’s the first in a long line of villages that sit mostly in lower land either side of which are strategic higher ground. However either side is also mostly open farmland and tree lines. Their ultimate aim is a key transport hub at Kurakhove. It’s this hub and the Ukrainian transport routes that prevented them succeeding earlier.
Having failed they planned a wider offensive pincer movement to get around Novomikhailivka.
The fiercest battles took place along the northern sector of the viallage flanks. Russians aimed at the small village of Pobeda, aiming to get behind Novomikhailivka.
Pobeda had been a target for the past two years but had been impossible to take while Marinka was fought over. Ukraine withdrew from that devastated town two months ago after fierce battles.
Using air bombs, thermobarics and artillery to reduce the defences, the Russians launched a mechanised assault, which they repeated a dozen or more times. Eventually they gained a foothold in two farms east of the village. Eventually, with a supply road and endless troops they took the whole settlement.
However then village, which has significant local tactical importance, is split by a river and Ukraine realised quickly the importance of a counter attack, and that Russian positions were not well placed to defend from although they’d been good to attack out of.
The next day the Ukrainian forces, using Leopard-2 tanks (at least one was lost), counter attacked.
The attack was hugely successful and drove the Russians out of the southern part of the village and over the river.
Meanwhile in the North, Russia is trying to reach a position where it breaks down the frontlines and defences, trying to restore Second World War levels of manoeuvring warfare, to give itself an advantage using the armour it has and Ukraine does not. They seem to want to open a blitzkrieg style front and quickly regain the area they lost in September 2022.
Otherwise, a good day for Ukraine - the Russians are not having an easy time of getting what they want.

Slava Ukraini !

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