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29 Aug 2005
On The Giddy Train
Alternatively the 302 tram runs directly (with 33 stops) from Bochum hbf to the stadium roughly every 20 mins. Journey takes a smidge under an hour so I think it will be quicker than traveling on a train from Bochum to Essen, Essen to Gelsenkirchen hbf, then tram hbf to stadium. No toilets on a tram though so make sure you go before getting on!

Going back, it looks like it is due to run at 23:08 and the last one is 23:38. There will be (well organised) queues, so I think the latter option is more realistic. If you miss that it may be a case of going back via Essen on a regional train.
Thanks for this, really helpful, not sure about the hour journey on a train with no toilets after a Gallon of beer though? :-/

St.Pauli support

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17 Feb 2010
Not sure, if already mentioned.

For those going, this could be interesting
as you can't use cash to pay for food and drinks inside the arena,
instead you have to get a chipcard, called Knappenkarte, using your credit card. (1 Knappe worth 1 Euro.)

Some info from the club's online shop:

Maybe some on here have further info or experience.

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