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8 Oct 2011
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Tim of the Oak said:
Davs 19 said:
Tim of the Oak said:
Thanks Moomba

It was only the top few hundred from the Waiting list that got season tickets this month and there are enough people remaining to fill the first new stand. By the time the second end is completed in 3 or 4 years time, IMHO we will have enough fans to fill both ends for most games. We are a big club!

My reference to £500 derby tickets is effectively what a small minority of "season card holder" pay by coming to only two or three games per season.

There are a few drama queens on here thinking that having a season ticket means leaving your seat empty for most of the season. Based on the Bayern experience, only a few hundred people would be affected by the Club having a sensible policy.
Committed fans on the waiting list would benefit.
Is there any chance you can stop banging on and on and on and on and on and on and on.............about Bayerns SC policy. If you're that infatuated with their SC policy, you know what to do. I'm pretty sure everyone who's even remotely interested knows your views by now.
Thanks Davs. I have had enough of responding on this but people keep wanting me to comment. Usually your sidekicks.

As for wanting to watch Bayern all season, I'm a lifelong Blue. First home game we beat Chesea 6-2 in 77 and first away beating Leeds in the Cup at the start of 78. Maybe you should follow up your own great idea lol.
I'm not going to enter a 'Who's the biggest Blue" competition....................

.............even though I'd win ;.)

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