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Sheik Battle and Goal

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31 Aug 2015
The way things are going, it looks more and more likely that fans will not be attending matches until the new year at the earliest. What I don't understand that by limiting the amount of fans into games it is possible to keep fans that 2mtrs apart. This is just impossible in pubs where people will stand close together when ordering their drinks.

Last Saturday at my local pub there is two tables outside and benches either side of tables and all of the benches were full. There was 4 people sitting either side these tables. If you we lucky you might have got a single sheet of paper between them. This is one of the reasons that we are not allowed into football matches.

It would be easier to keep fans even 3 metres apart in the seating areas of the ground, the same could apply to the standing areas as well. this would provide at least some revenue for all football clubs. Most of the problem with this virus is the conflicting advice that the government gets from the scientists. If they would all agree we could get well on top of this virus and bring an end to all these problems we have with lockdown.
Good points but how would you decide which fans would be allowed in with a reduced capacity

King KdB of Belgium

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1 May 2018
Shiek that would have to be up to the club to decide what they want to do. One way is to use your match points gained over the year's . Each home match keep going down
until all those on the points system have been used. If their are families on season tickets take the average points over the whole family. Another way is families first, then if any left use the points system

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