Sergio Aguero leaves City after 10 years


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24 Oct 2012
An absolutely fantastic player who has given his best years to our football club and deserves his lengendary status. I cannot wait to see his statue alongside David and Vinny. It is very easy to forget his injuries when he plays like he did today though. His time at the top level playing 3 games a week is sadly over and he demands a very high wage. I believe imo that Sergio was offered a new deal but his 1st team status was not a guarentee and his wages were much lower. That ultimately was and is why we are parting ways. For now. Sergio is an elite footballer but an ageing elite footballer who is the wrong side of 30. No footballer is ever going to admit that they are not at the elite level required or at the level that they once were and sadly have become unreliable. Sergio is no longer reliable and demands a place and wage in the squad that we can no longer afford to sacrafice for a player who can possibly miss months of the season at a time. This was imo what happened with Vinny also. Seeing Aguero so happy today gave me all the confidence and closure I needed to know that he is happy and ready to take on a new challenge. You will be deeply deeply missed Sergio and you will forever have a special place in all blues hearts. Now go and win that Champions League. You deserve it more than anyone.

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Ive saved this brilliant post to read whilst grieving the forthcoming loss of our legend


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10 Dec 2016
I still think he is Barcelona bound. There isn't anything more he can really achieve in England


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4 Feb 2010
Plugging my brain in
This for me is why we’ve come to a decision to let him go. I do believe Sergio can still score goals in this league, but when he’s demanding 200k p/w while we search for an expensive new striker, something has got to give. You can’t have Sergio sitting on the bench for most games on 200k p/w.
How do you you know what he is demanding or even if he is ?


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27 Oct 2020
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Manchester City
It's sad to see Aguero leave - especially after experiencing a run of injuries/COVID, keeping him out of our side for most of this season - moreover his goal and full 90-minute performance against QPR illustrates that he still has plenty to offer.

Time catches us all eventually. I'm very glad that Aguero is leaving us on favorable terms - moreover, I can't help but think that - if financially feasible - that we'd be much better off extending Aguero's contract for one more year.

Godspeed Aguero! You're my 2nd most favorite player in the City side since my recent overseas - but lifelong - fanship (became a fan in 2009 - favorite player since then is Tevez - in spite of the shit he gave our Blues).


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13 Aug 2015
A lot of speculation in this thread. I’ll pose a question though, Haaland may or may not be the no.1 target but what if we don’t get him or our no. 2 option etc. Nothing is certain in football so why take the risk of announcing he’s definitely off when we don’t actually know if he will be replaced?
I'm sure a replacement will have been already sorted behind the scenes bearing in mind the timing of the announcement. I certainly hope so anyway.

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