Sergio Aguero leaves City after 10 years


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16 Feb 2017
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ruined his legacy for that penalty other week.

Good riddance!!

Just kidding.

93:20 is surely his greatest moment.

Although my favourite goal from him is either his first vs swansea or that goal against United that left Jones with that god ugly facial expression!


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19 Oct 2010
Sergio,thank you for 93;20.
That moment reduced me,my three adult offspring,my grand-daughter,Mrs. Dobber and even my Everton supporting son-in-law to tears.I closed my eyes and offered up a silent prayer to my old Dad,my grandad,my great grandad and my uncle Tom,all blues to the core,and bathed in the glory of one of the greatest moments of my life.
I'm sure thousands of people round the world did something similar,and you,my friend,were the reason.
Thank you for the many moments of pleasure you have given us,your place in sporting history is assured,you will never be forgotten.
Farewell,but never goodbye.

theres only one carlito

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31 Mar 2010
Fighting my way through the Rag infested jungle.
With all he’s achieved with us and all his goals, a record amount of goals, his very first goal is still my favourite of his. As soon as that rocket hit the net it felt different, it felt like we had a very special player and man what a player he turned out too be. The best striker we’ve ever had in my lifetime and maybe ever. (I’m of a rosler, Quinn, Walsh, et al generation) so can’t speak for every striker we’ve had but his records speak for themselves. A once in a lifetime striker?

Despedida Sergio! Good luck too you and all your family. Thankyou for the memories. I hope we will meet again in the futer.

Graciously yours

A life long fan.

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