Slow process on Blue Moon

That's what I use, it got ridiculous until I put Shields back up.

It's been a little slower for me but workable, when I am on my phone I go commando but on sites where there are ads which is most of them I have to use the adblock too.
First thing is clear the page cache by pressing <CTRL> + F5. Clearing all your internet cache and so on is better but you need an app.

Apologies to Ric for idly poking around in none of my business, but I've been getting a lot of slowdown when using my mobile in recent weeks on most sites, so I am watching page sizes etc.

Thus I noticed it's 3.8 Megabytes to load this page. IMDB movie page, with all those images and features, is 5.8. BBC homepage is 3.8 and that is also stacked with images.

Here's what I've dug up idly - the biggest file is "styles/default/xenforo/add_to_home.gif". 2.2MB. Wow. Digging around I found a post from 2 weeks ago by a techy on their forum proudly boasting that they are about to replace it with a new image, and this one is an actual video.

My thought; 2.2 mb is a lot, GIFs are a scourge in general when it comes to page loading and rendering times. And it definitely downloaded to my (logged in) Firefox on Win 11, when there's seemingly no reason for it to do so. Isn't that gif only relevant to Iphones? I certainly have never seen it, in all my years on mobile and windows.
My Android has been freezing lately. A right pain in the bum. I try to select a link but when it unfreezes takes me to another link close to the one I want.
I haven't so will give it go a good idea as I have extensions active in Chrome and it could be one of those
I suspect that won't make a blind bit of difference as I use Brave and the only extension added on is Lastpass password manager. The last time I tried it without shields up it seemed to be the following that was causing the freeze.

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