So what city related presents are you expecting

I've ended up with the Away Shirt, 3rd Shirt, a calendar, a cup and a Christmas card (Last 3 all City).

Can't be bad!

Oh, 3 points tomorrow would be nice too please Mr Santa :)
Just opened my pressies and my little nephew has got me a surfing Man City penguin!! Ha ha, good lad, always wanted one of those, and it will look great sat on my computer at work. Thing is, how long before a dirty rag bastard bites his head off, or draws on it as soon as I leave my desk for a slash??
Got a City polo shirt, City winter jacket and the Ricky Hatton DVD!! Hatton is actually quite funny. Its not something I would buy but it was quite good!
Just waiting for the wife to reveal her new Sky blue skimpy knickers that says cmon you know the goal is wide open, oh shit just had an accident, never mind back to Youporn Merry Christmas.

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