Songs you hate with every fibre of your being.

The final countdown - Europe.
I fucking despise this contrived abomination of fake soft metal shite!
Anything by Madonna
American Pie - Don Maclean(because that slag above ruined it in the late 90s)
Anything released by X Factor contestants.
Anything by U fucking 2.
Anything sung by that twat Ronan Keating.
I'm getting off this thread ASAP because I'm getting me mad up just thinking about these utter turds!
Are you farmer Jim from brassic by any chance? :-)
This is an interesting take.

I do like Thunderstruck -- it's probably my favo(u)rite of their post-Scott songs. And I was a huge AC/DC fan when Bon Scott died. And Brian had enormous shoes to fill on the uniqueness of Bon's voice (which always had a lovely strain of not taking himself seriously).

But . . . . there is a grain of truth in what you say. There has to be because I feel uneasy confronting it.

Of course, you could always compromise by listening to Steve 'n' Seagulls version which is, quite simply, the greatest combination of a one-take live music video and cover song of all time. This is fact, not opinion. MORE ANVIL!!!

To be fair, even if you don't like the song - still got to be able to appreciate that.

It's brilliant.........
I've bought it as a CD single in 1996 but have grown a strong dislike to the Three Lions song. They had rehashed it for 1998
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Hello. Lionel Richie, of all his songs this was probably his biggest hit and it's wank!

I seem to remember it being number 1 for ages when I was a kid. I can't bear it and the video to it was toss, some blind girl making a clay model of his head.

See also Hello by Adele or any other Adele song for that matter, the miserable cow.

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