#SOO Save Our Olé Season III.....Ole, The Trilogy.....We've Failed.....Thank You Ole.

Sky and every other news outlet on full rag wankathon mode cue forward 12 months from now and it'll be why do you think it didn't work out for Ole and you don't have to be nostradamus to see it coming.
Best paperboy ever as he keep delivering the headlines and the next headline will be were signing him for 50 mil him for 60 mil him for 100 mil then we mite come 2nd to CITY oh to dream
You know what I’m a bit disappointed as I can’t bring myself to dislike him. Sure he’s a rag through and through but he seems OK for someone with such close ties to that shithouse of a club.
As long as he maintains their current irrelevance, the #SSO or #SORB campaign has my full support.

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