Sorry My Bad English - Silva, the full Rag wind up.


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15 Jul 2008
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Ten pages. For those that were interested but didn't see.

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fookin brill. 9.00am world class player signing for rags - 10.30 over rated over priced money grabbing scumbag joins Blues.
Excellent - welcome to Manchester. :-)
Its starting to sink in.

30 Jun 2010 10:14 AM

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Well, Silva's officially going to City guys. Our target for almost 2 years and we miss out...AGAIN! Sooooo frustrated at the complete lack of movement in the transfer window by our club. Whoever allowed the Glazers to buy Utd with huge debts wants to be shot. I have a bad feeling we've had our era and we're currently on a slippy slope without any money or any world class players wanting to come. Dont worry though, we bought Chris Smalling - thats the treble in the bag for next season!

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