Southampton (H) Post Match Thread


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29 Oct 2008
no because as i said if we take our chances which we did yesterday, if we dont as we did last april and defend like we did there is every chance of a repeat
But thats a completely different scenario to the one you chipped in on.


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28 Jan 2012
Did I imagine it or did Mark Hughes really say (paraphrasing him) Southampton were as good as City and had as many chances, the only difference being City took their chances and we didn't. We need to do better in defence?

I really did hate him, his football and attitude when he was here.

Fell out with many on Bluemoon, those who thought he was decent... god knows how they could ever have held that opinion.


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21 Sep 2008
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Took a Stokie season-ticket holding mate to the game yesterday, he was gushing in his praise for the performance.

Reckons he's never seen a team scare the opposition so much just by having possession of the ball. Also recognised we basically played the 2nd half at half-pace to conserve energy, letting the ball do the work.

He was a bit disappointed at two things, 1. Foden not getting on sooner, and 2. We didn't score at least 7, as we did against his side last season!


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5 Aug 2017
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Manchester City is my team - until I fucking die.
Great game. Feel sorry for Ederson that we didn't get that 7th clean sheet in a row.

It struck me that we gave away too many chances against a clearly inferior squad - we did a good job closing down on many of these leading to rushed shots - still, I think we might do better on defense.

On offense we were firing on all cylinders. Sterling in particular was impressive.

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