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18 Feb 2012
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Manchester City
Same old story yet again......lots of possession, created more chances, more shots, more corners, bigger Xgoals, etc but lost to a team that is disciplined, park the bus and rely on a break.....which always seems to be 1 shot 1 goal, 2 shots 2 goals. Yet every time the media say great performance, fully deserved, masterclass, etc.

We definitely need to improve as we've seen the park the bus tactics too many times for us to keep falling for it, time and time again. We haven't got a David Silva to play the killer pass anymore. We haven't got a plan B and Pep makes his 2 or 3 substitutions far too late. We pass too slowly allowing the bus parkers to get into position and we don't take enough shots from the edge of the box. Hopefully Pep can get it right in the future, but he needs to get it right quickly. I'm glad he's signed a new contract as he's the best around and plays football the way it should be played....passing the ball.

Ask yourself this. Who would you rather pay to watch? A team trying to attack with good passing football, or a team that parks the bus? I'd pay to watch us lose 2.0 but doing things the right way, rather than win 2.0 after spending 90 odd minutes defending, time wasting, looking for fouls, etc. Just for a one off giggle....I'd have loved for City to come out in the second half and line up 10 players on the edge of our box....like spurs 6-4-0 formation. Both teams playing 6-4-0! Wouldn't that have been a fantastic match? Pure entertainment? Kick the ball long and aimless, go down screaming for a foul at every tackle, waste time at every opportunity. Then Pep in his post match interview to say that he's finally sussed out how to play football, get plaudits, give masterclasses! I'd have loved it if we had done that!


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4 Nov 2010
Quite, our problem was the piss poor defending for their first goal, it must be sapping, they had 4 decent attacks tonight and put the ball in our net 3 times, fortunately 1 was offside. At the other end, we're now blocking our own goal attempts, a lot of bad luck, but even more bad decision making.

personally I don’t feel you are looking at it correctly. This happens every week so you can guarantee that it’s not luck that teams score a lot of goals with so few shots against us. Our opponents conversion rates are so obscenely high for a reason. Our system is open to punishment.. even when we were all conquering this was the case. Problem is it’s now been identified that that the low block and absorb and pounce really works. It also nullifies our attack so we lose a vast percentage of goals and concede a vast percentage more. Playing this way means every team we face has a decent chance of getting a result provided they don’t concede early.

we are a bit.. err.. fucked here.


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10 Aug 2008
Oh Manchester, is wonderful....
If we don't see a step up improvement by the end of the season then Pep needs to go.

We are all in on the big fella until the end of his contract, all concerned are seemingly blinded to any perceived fault. Messi coming in will be the ridiculously expensive icing on the cake.

Would like to see us continue to build for a sustained future personally, by bringing in bright younger talent like Ferran. Don't think that long term future contains Pep at the helm so why not push the boat out for a 33 year old.


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10 Nov 2019
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So how exactly do you explain the last 6 months?

outplayed in the CL by an average Lyon side and can’t buy a point in the premier league. We will be bottom half of the table pal with a quarter of the season played and every week is the same. Even when we win.. it is tight. We have been found out.
I think one, or two, are in denial.

18 months of decline ,and we are STILL regressing at an alarming rate.

It is not chatting shit,this is a fact.

Even our Premier League wins this season we rode our luck.We were also lucky against Wolves,and Leeds.

Worst thing for me these days is Pep.He simply looks like he dosent give a fuck.Sat there with a disinterested look.

Where once he kicked every Ball,gesticulating on the touch line.

Substitutions nothing more than an inconvenience,that make him have to get up from his chair.

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