Spurs thread 2020/21

Bill the Blue

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28 Jul 2013
Here and There, mostly Here..
Team supported
The only football team to come from Manchester!
Win the Superbowl.
Retain bestest stadium trophy.
Open another cheese shop.
You may mock my friend but never, ever forget, Owezay is a serial winner..!

It's not beyond him to clinch the above treble with The Tottingham Raiders, aided and abetted by Bob's Builders (specialists in attaching big cocks to overpriced stadium roofs) ) and a 18lb lump of extra mature gorgonzola.. (to give the 'no longer special 1' a break from stinking the place out) ..

After all, he's won stuff everywhere he's pitched up....

.... except.. er..

Respect, Respect, Respect..!

Hey JimB, I'm only joking..!



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21 Aug 2008
Haven't had time to read the whole thread, but I take it peg's tactical fouling instructions to the squad have been picked up by the media and discussed as though it was City?

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