Squad Numbers - 2020/21


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19 Oct 2019
hey did, but if you go back to the 50’s and 60’s and look at the team sheets you’ll find that a player would wear the same shirt number all season and most of the games it would be the same players, none or one sub and you’d usually only not play if you had a broken leg. It was like if you played for the school or work team and they had 3 large, 2 small 5 medium and a goalie shirt and you had to wear whichever number was on the shirt that fitted you.
But schools and works team even upto the 70's did not wear numbers, but your team always had a FB size.One player was that big he had to buy his own shirt

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19 Sep 2019
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Ederson should be number 1.
Not sure why Koulibaly would want 3, that should be the left back. Centre backs should be 4, 5 or 6.


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18 Jan 2011
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I'm sure that the official site said Colin Bell was number 6, which he did wear for two seasons but his number was always number 8.

Who the hell is running the City site.
I don’t know but I cannot recall Colin Bell ever playing with number 6 for one match let alone for two seasons.

I can recall John Benson, Barrie Betts, Bobby Kennedy, Willie Donachie, Tony Towers and others playing Number 6 but 99% of the time it was Alan Oakes.
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