Stan Bowles RIP

He did score 4 goals in his first 6 games with us but was unable to make a permanent place in the forward line. Understandably really with the 67/68 line up. He was a wild man and was sent out on loan to Crewe under father figure manager Ernie Tagg to sort himself out - and then he got a good move to QPR where he's still fondly remembered. . Pity he couldn't have stayed longer with us.
Without wishing to sound too pedantic, wasn’t the exact quote: "If he could pass a bookies as well as he can pass a football, he’d be a great player"?
Same thing really… depends who you’re quoting. I’m quoting my dad and uncle John ;-)
i remember a story told by Joe Mercer i think, where Stan missed the flight to an away game in europe.
Joe got him in the office to ask why he missed the flight and Stan said he mislaid his passport and was seconds late and was actually running across the tarmac when the plane was setting off, to which Joe replied, I doubt that Stanley as we were delayed for three hours ;-)
I don't remember his time at City, but my cousins were big QPR fans and when I visited I saw him a few times at Loftus Road.
Great exciting team then with Francis, Givens, Mason and the rest. Lovely footballer.
I have seen him play a few times, good memories of him for sure. RIP Stan The Man.

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