Sunday Supplement cancelled from 2020/21 season


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12 May 2011
You do realise what they will be replacing it with?

‘Red letter day’ - your new go to for Pl discussion, a 5hr* sneak preview of the coming week ahead .

‘All the top** journos discuss the top Red teams in the PL’.
‘All the latest gossip, buzz, profiles and in depth*** analysis you used to get, but with even more narrowed views’.

* Note: the other 17 teams in the PL will be covered in a 5min segment (with 2 advert breaks) every 1st Monday of the month (that has a W in it).

** Aka bottom feeder

*** ‘out of depth’
They already have that programme - it’s called Sky Sports News.


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16 Oct 2018
The world is saturated with "football journalists". I'm not sure why people still watch this in the age of Social Media where you can just selectively read the opinions of journo's.

I also don't understand why many journo's think their opinion is weighted more than that of match going fans. I'd rather hear rational opinions from match going fans than some clown who is paid to watch and write up a match report.

Nightmare Walking

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27 May 2014
Didn't Jimmy Hill chair it at first?

Was of course originally Hold The Back Page with Brian Woolnough. We shouldn’t talk ill of the departed, but he often chaired that show with the likes of Paul “Macca” McCarthy, John “Ricco” Richardson, Paddy “yes I’ll have another” Barclay, and Steve “Master” Bates etc and it was no better than it’s been in recent seasons under Ashton tbh.
In a nutshell, I think your memory is being kind - it honestly wasn’t much different/better back then.


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16 May 2009
Near that bloke who lives near me.
My problem is that I am such a biased, narrow-minded fucker, when journalists and pundits start trying to tell me all about how wonderful the Redshirts and their fans are I immediately launch in to an expletive-ridden diatribe. I scream insults at the tv/radio and bellow out threats of violence to the presenters or journalists. I conjure up images of the torture I'd like to inflict upon them all, like pouring molten lead down their throats, or dismembering one of their arms and stubbing out endless cigarettes in the vile, bloody stump of what was once their armpit.

But then, if by chance they say something that I happen to agree with, like how wonderful everything City do is, I nod my head wisely and mutter things like: 'Good man. At least someone has a bit of intelligence about them'.

It's a bias I've had for many years now. Just one of my many failings.

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