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gaudinho's stolen car

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4 Jan 2009
BHS, shopping for kimonos.
Garden Of Edin said:
gaudinho's stolen car said:
MCFC BOB said:
My English marks are being investigated. My coursework was marked at a U when the last I knew, it was an A.

<a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... n-Form.pdf</a>

To turn your nose up at a job, at a very well established and respected company, is quite foolish. Especially in the current economic situation.

Cliff notes:

You're a snobby ****, and not funny.

I'm going to take this as tongue in cheek. Not the bit about me not being funny, but the bit where you think I was looking down on BOB.


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9 Dec 2008
glen quagmire said:
SWP's back said:
bluemoonchick said:
ok Bob, i have patiently read all 62 pages and you are going to get my humble female opinion. At times during this thread i've wanted to give you a hug but mostly i wanted to slap you silly.

The problem here Bob, is that you are just too nice. Girls dont like wankers for boyfriends, true... but they dont like puppy dogs either. I sense that you have spent most of this relationship letting her dictate terms and you've gone running when she clicked her fingers. Women like getting their own way to a point, but too much is boring. We need to be put in our place now and again. She has become bored and moved on.

You need to toughen up. There's no need to turn into a wanker and treat girls like shit, but you do need to man up and show who's boss (not too much, just enough to keep her on her toes). It's tactical Bob.

Now moving forward - you need to spend the next 5 years getting balls deep in any piece of skirt that will allow you. By the time you reach your mid-20's you will be ready for Mrs Bob and she will be worth it.

Get back on the bike Bob. Good luck x

(P.S great thread, some funny comments on here. I wish we had the forum when i was dating - you lot would have been awesome lol)

We should meet.[/quote]

Oi You! Haven't you a missus?

i agree with need to go out and collect as many std's as you possibly can . good luck


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15 Oct 2010
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gaudinho's stolen car said:
I'm going to take this as tongue in cheek. Not the bit about me not being funny, but the bit where you think I was looking down on BOB.

You should only look down on someone when you're helping them up if they've fallen. A wise person said that.

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