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2 Feb 2009
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I was discussing this earlier following a discussion that started about climate change, we then moved onto various other subjects but the crux of the conversation was what positives if any has there been about the evolution of the Human race. The more i thought about this the harder i found it to find any positives.

If you consider what we are doing to the planet through industry, the decimating of the rain forests, the pollution of our Oceans and the impact we have on other species would the world have been better off if we had never evolved?

Anyone give me any examples of how our presence has actual made the world a better place?

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29 Aug 2010
We're the only creature on the planet that can actually appreciate the wonder and beauty of it. alas whats certain if we don't limit the numbers of that creature we'll ruin the entire thing.


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9 Dec 2012
There was a great programme on Radio 4 recently. Apparently there have been about 3 or 4 mass extinction events over the lifespan of the earth. Each time the human race has come back from near extinction. I can't remember what the show was called so I'm unable to find a link to iplayer.

We need another one soon. This rate of "progress" just isn't sustainable.

Great post by the way.

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