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  1. UUJblue


    29 Mar 2011
    ok ok powerhouse is a strong word but if you measured City now against pre 2012 City. The differences are vast, transfers, presence in world football, revenues, social media outlets, facilities ...everything has increased or improved.
  2. KS55


    14 Oct 2016
    Er.....hello.......Anybody there?........I'm looking for a man City fan site......
  3. hilts


    29 Oct 2008
    The atmosphere is shit and it’s pretty much all down to the supporters
    Nike are shit but the owners don’t care about the fans
    Txiki greatness is myth based on a chequebook and his mate pep helping him out
    We have underachieved since the takeover
    Our youth academy is a profit making scheme the same as Chelsea
    The obsession with the rags is embarrassing
    The obsession with the media is embarrassing
    Mangala has been treated poorly by pep
    Sterling will never be a natural goal scorer
    Red cafe have less biased posters than bluemoon
    The match day thread accurately mirrors what is wrong with society
    We don’t owe our owners any gratitude so putting them on a pedestal is desperately sad
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  4. Nebuchadnezzar


    14 Feb 2012
    Mancunian in Connacht
    Can agree with the point about stadium atmosphere.
    Being shit defined us and now we aren't, we don't know what to do.
  5. mrbelfry


    25 Feb 2008
    Up in the sky
    I don't mind Hugh Ferris.
  6. BlueT.O.


    3 Apr 2014
    • 10 years ago my dad bought me a Man Utd kit with my last name on the back when I came to visit him in Singapore. It wasn't cheap so I had to pretend I loved it and I even wore it out that night. Funny enough that was the week City beat the scum 4-1 with SWP scoring a cracker to put it to bed, and my love for Citeh was forever cemented. The kit now resides somewhere in Tanzania and I am certain I will never see it again (another story).
    • I have never wanted Sanchez and I still don't; he needs to carry a team to be happy and he won't do that here. He will be a trouble maker.
    • If you are a foreigner (like me) and you sit in the away end you better sing for 90 mins - also if you believe you deserve a ticket over a local because you are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money then you deserve to be scammed.
    • I actually thought Bony was a great signing and an upgrade on Dzeko. It took me a while to swallow that pill.
    • I don't mind Neville as a pundit either, Carragher not so much.
    • As a Toronto FC fan I cannot stand NYFC, David Villa nor their ridiculous stadium.
    • Unlike the rest of the top six I quite like Liverpool and Klopp. He is a mad man but he is entertaining without being despisable, and his teams play nice football.
    • I don't think Gundogan will ever fully recover from his injuries to reach the level he was at before. He is scared to take risks. Bernardo, on the other hand, will come good and become a stand out player for us.
    • As much as I hate the scum I am fond of Mata, De Gea, Martial, Valencia and Rashford. I still want them all to fail miserably and the rest I utterly detest.
    • I have never met a reasonable United fan capable of viewing anything in an unbiased, non-delusional manner. Not one.
  7. Damocles


    14 Jan 2009
    If only someone didn't threaten your family every day that forced you to come on here. What a happy life that would be rather than having to wade through something you dislike so much.

    And Balotelli was world class as a teenager and there was no reason to think he wouldn't go on to be one of the best players in the world. In fact he SHOULD have done and it was only down to his attitude and mismanagement that he didn't.

    I guess you'd have to actually watch football rather than sit sniping on forums that you feel are beneath you to understand that though?

    And no you weren't banned for pointing out a player was dreadful. Yet another pillock who can't take any responsibility for their shitty behaviour and instead just lies about what they were banned for.

    As with the other one, feel free to front up with the user names and we can tell everyone exactly what you were banned for and see if it adds up with your "I was banned for saying Mangala was dreadful" story.
  8. City health warning

    City health warning

    10 Dec 2016
    There isn't any difference between Roberto Mancini or Manuel Pellegrini and although it seemed a tough call (or the wrong decision) it was for the best. It was the right decision and should of been made earlier in replacing Joe Hart with Claudio Bravo or alternative keeper (even though the signing hasn't worked out). The EDS even with the promising players such as Phil Foden, Brahim Diaz etc is still a long way off in producing , or will never produce the right players for the first team. Mangala is still worthy of a place in the squad for the rest of the season at the very least. Raheem Sterling , (or the rest of the team for that matter) will never get over the mental block when playing against Liverpool (at Anfield).
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  9. moomba


    26 Jan 2006
    Is that true?

    Is that true? Can you provide one example of this?
  10. davymcfc


    1 Sep 2008
    Totally agree. He won everyone over and now uses his power to spout absolute shit.

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