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  1. GortonBlue62


    26 Nov 2015
    No such thing as a good pundit; they're all ****s. If they knew what they are talking about they'd still be involved in the game. What they are doing is stating the obvious with the benefit of hindsight and myriad replays. Football is not a complex game; any particular situation has a small and finite number of acceptable opinions - these pundits are winging it - they rarely add anything to the average fan's understanding of a game.

    Rashford has been hyped to fuck like all English United players. He will probably have a career in the EPL but not at a top 6 club. His level is somewhere between Wellbeck and Cleverly. A club's fans usually have the measure of a player - look at United's message boards and see how they value him.

    I couldn't give a fuck what the media think of us. However, they are biased against us, although not to the degree some of the conspiracy theorists on here proclaim.
  2. BooksReject


    21 May 2009
    I like Graeme Souness when he pundits on our games, but only because his wife is a City fan and he dare not say anything too controversial or he won't get any dinner. Any other time he's a twat.
  3. casserole of nonsense

    casserole of nonsense

    17 Feb 2016
    Stoned Soul Picnic
    I thought Felipe Caicedo was great.
  4. Cobra


    21 Aug 2008
    There are a lot of City fans who spend way too much time thinking about Utd, as proven by the 1400 page thread on them.
  5. Damocles


    14 Jan 2009
    • The Abu Dhabi regime's human rights record is a stain on the club despite the mental gymnastics people do to distance the two.
    • Vincent Kompany has never been a good captain for us and instead added to the nervous energy that permeates the ground when we're under the kosh.
    • Our Academy is nothing more than a PR campaign because it doesn't produce players for our first team squad - whatever the reasons for that, and the "but it's new!" excuse is a very poor one.
    • Jim Cassell and many others were prematurely abandoned because they didn't visually look like the type of person we wanted at the club despite vast knowledge and experience.
    • The club doesn't give a shit about us as fans but more importantly, it never did either.
    • For all of the apparent greatness we have, this team falls apart without David Silva and there's nobody in world football who can replace him. And now he's 32.
    • Yaya will be remembered with rose tinted glasses as his terrible and lazy performances are forgotten but he doesn't give a shit about City and never has past how much we're paying him - although he'll act the part post-retirement hoping to land a cushy job somewhere and we'll call him a "Legend" in the same way that you "love" your ex-wife or ex-husband.
    • I like New York City FC and think the CFG is a nice concept that makes me interested in other leagues and have a "home team" somewhat to follow. I don't give a shit about the rest of the stuff, it just makes me watch more football with an interest.
    • Our shirts are terrible and have been since Umbro who we never should have moved on from (forcibly so, admittedly).
    • We ARE the best team in Premier League history and it's not even a close competition, no matter what happens in the leagues and CL. Nobody has ever played anything like what we're playing and it's showing a lot of Little Englanders that their precious Premier League is all marketing and no different from any other league in the world.
    • A fan who watches the matches on TV in Nigeria is just as big and important a fan as you are and this "but I'm a local fan" stuff is small time bollocks.
    • Raheem Sterling is constantly criticised because he's black.
    • Txiki Begiristain was one of the best post-takeover signings we've ever made and 95% of the people who criticise him don't even know what it is that he does and are doing it as a meme.
    • People in the Transfer Forum rate players primarily on Football Manager, FIFA and things they've heard other people say. No, you haven't watched Pissbutchio playing in the Slovakian league enough to rate him comparatively to John Stones, sit down.
    • John Stones is a better defender than everybody we've had post-takeover not named Kompany or Otamendi even without his passing ability.
    • Along the same lines, Lescott is the most overrated former player we've ever had and he was Mangalaesque at times. People have forgotten the "Liability Lescott" tag.
    • QPR threw the game at 2-2 when they knew they were safe. We all know it.
    • Jadon Sancho is a bottle merchant who didn't fancy himself to compete against Jesus and he'll never be a top player because he lacks the courage to be one.
    • People who hark back to the "good old days" when we were crap are remembering a time that doesn't exist. Being a City fan was fucking shit for most of the past 30 years before the takeover and I refuse to believe anybody actually enjoyed going every week and watching us get fucking twatted by Swindon or some other bunch of plodders. I was there too, it was wank.
    • With modern day training, diet and coaching, Kinkladze would be a £100m player and it would be cheap at that. Stop being scared to say this because rags might take the piss.
    • Our matchgoing fanbase is way too old and it is a contributing factor in the atmosphere.

    Ok guys I'd better be off for a week, see you later!
  6. bornblueegg


    3 Sep 2008
    Brave damocles
  7. BJL_City


    13 Dec 2016
    this post is brought to you by finsa
    I don't think QPR had time to throw the game. We literally threw the ball back into play as they found out, and Taiwo's attempted hack-down shows he was as committed as hell. Some of their players performances were dubious that day from the start, and they appeared to be a team with 2 different groups of players playing for 2 different outcomes.
  8. aguerrrroooooooooooo


    16 Feb 2016
    Well op can't say he hasn't got some unpopular opinions, don't agree with them all but there's some good ones there
  9. I don't think Kompany is or ever was technically good enough on the ball to play in this system.

    I think we've seen the best of Aguero.

    Yaya should have been sold 18 months ago.

    Oooooh that looks bad now it's written down. Have I gone too far?

    P.s. I cringe whenever I hear the song bluemoon. It's shite.
  10. Blue Til Death

    Blue Til Death

    9 Jan 2013
    Sat on the Blue Moon looking down at the rags
    I disagree wholeheartedly with the OP
    Aside from the obvious platitudes we get now and then because there really isnt anything bad even god could say about us, generally the media bias against us has increased and become even more petty recently..!

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