It's funny, I said to the family, if I was in there, I'd have voted Jon out straight away because he'd really get on my wick.

On the other hand, as a viewer, I was sad to see him go because he was entertaining and I could see he was winding everybody up.

Is it wrong to laugh at the Meryls portrait on the wall? They proper done her dirty and made it look like a caricature.
It’s an enjoyable watch, but I think the traitors should have been given incentives to sabotage the challenges. This would have tempted them to take risks and give the Faithfuls some chance of spotting the traitors.
As it stands it just comes down to pure guesswork and herd instinct.

Ps if Alex becomes a Traitor, she’ll soon chuck the other two under the bus
Bit late to the party but me and the wife just finished this. Binged it all over the last week as we hadn't got much else to watch at the moment. Loved it. Really tense ending and great concept. Loved Amanda in particular and thought Will played a very good, albeit ruthless game.

Couple of comments:

- As Mr Blue Moon said, I kinda think there needed to be an extra element to the challenges, like the traitors needing to sabotage or something. But maybe this would make it a little too similar to The Mole. Just felt like the Faithful were just blindly guessing more often than not and the challenges all felt a bit easy and lacking much suspense.

- I've seen they're now planning a celebrity version and I find that so disappointing. I don't know why the UK has this daft obsession with sticking D list celebrities in shows like this. I find it way more entertaining to see actual regular people who can genuinely use the money. Like the ending of this season actually meant something when you've got a lad who wants to help his mom get a house and another person who wants to pay off some debt. Feel like the whole fun of the show will be vastly watered down with some random bloke off Corrie and a couple of washed up popstars. There's way less chance of them having a go at each other if they're all worried about preserving their image and far less intrigue in terms of who will actually win the money.

Might go and download the Aussie version next.
Watched the US version, wasn't as good as the UK one
Loved the UK version, and something that we all got to watch as a family which is a rarity.
Been thinking of giving the US version a go, is it worth it? Or is it just 22 annoying replicas of that Jon bloke from the UK version?

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