UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

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What do you think will be the outcome of the CAS hearing?

  1. Two-year ban upheld

    197 vote(s)
  2. Ban reduced to one year

    422 vote(s)
  3. Ban overturned and City exonerated

    815 vote(s)
  4. Other

    65 vote(s)
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  1. petrusha


    6 Aug 2011
    Sportswashing for Vladimir Putin
    I didn't vote because we don't have sufficient information at our disposal to make a sensible assessment of the issues. However, I had an option to view results while the poll was live and they've displayed for me since the poll was closed.

    I can't wait for the matter to be finally decided, though. A two-year ban would be so damaging to the club and, despite the frenzied media coverage surrounding the AC's award of that sanction, the actual facts behind the punishment seem rather hazy. I hope the club's confidence in its position will be borne out, but if we do end up suffering a severe sanction, I want to see what we've done to merit that.
  2. Roachy


    12 Dec 2012
    I would agree. Part of the script notes, rather than an ad-hoc discussion point, boring twats.
  3. bluemoon32


    2 Jan 2009
    Still in fcuking work
    Or anyone on here to be fair


  4. projectriver


    30 May 2007
    It's really not worth thinking about Shearer's comments. The idea he'd be the first to know or the first to openly disclose a known rumour in the game is obviously wrong.

    As of now, nobody in the game knows which way it has gone - thats why not a single world/European/British voice on Twitter etc has said anything at all that is sourced (and lots of people would happily tweet pure rumours). I'd be very surprised if it is kept quiet once the parties have the decision to review pre-release. That could happen any day from here but more likely from Wednesday.
  5. Damanino


    20 Mar 2011
    Less than 1 week and we will know the end result of this whole circus.

    This week will go quick but if the CAS decision will be anywhere between bad and horrible then the next coupe weeks/months will be very bad for City as club, City supporters etc.

    The next few league games has no importance whatsoever compared to the CAS decision it really could be on the payers mind as well. They fight all year to be in CL next season and then they deliver top4 and still if we banned they could get very angry and rightly so when the board seemingly giving vibes that everything is fine, its gonna be all right, dont worry and irrefutable evidence a and stuff.

    Especially in a season like this when CL looks to be a competition to save our season due to this utter shit PL campaign where we lost 25% of our games and mostly to teams much worse than us.
    Imagine next season without CL and a similar shit PL campaign due to shit finishing, zero defensive help from midfield and utter defensive mistakes again.

    Also if CAS decision is bad it will offer PL/FA to fire shots at us too and potentially looking into points deduction or at least open multiple investigations and use a media campaign to put City's name through further mud (with pressure from United,Pool, Chelsea, Spurs ,Arsenal board...)

    Make no mistake our rivals and basically anyone in top 10 would really want 5th become a CL place for next season or especially the current one.
    Thats 40-60m extra income just as a big gift for anyone in 5th plus CL games to play meaning they can keep their stars and strengthen on top instead of needing to sell and go to shit Europa.
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  6. richards30


    20 May 2009
    Well @tolmie's hairdoo said that there will be top end contract renewals announced soon so surely a positive sign that the club know or been nudged about the outcome? Hopefully pep and De Bruyne are amongst the new contract announcements!
  7. Keeper!


    21 Aug 2014
    Agreed, our future is on the line with this verdict, despite what anyone says.

    If our appeal fails in my humble opinion our "project" is in serious danger and the people at the top of our club will have their reputations severely impacted.

    But, I still feel confident we will win this case, but the verdict can't come soon enough, sick of all the speculation.
  8. Ric


    22 May 2004
    I genuinely don’t think the club know for certain what the outcome will be at this stage.
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  9. Gordyola


    8 Jul 2007
    Team supported:
    City of course
    We are subjected to these former players talking about football as subject they have some knowledge of, although in a lot of cases they are either too scared to demonstrate their knowledge as a manger or a failed one. When asked their opinion on other matters relating to the football industry they haven't got a clue, nor do they do any research on a subject yet, they are allowed to offer that opinion to millions of viewers / listeners and get paid very well for it.
    What i would like to see is their opinion challenged "why do you think that Alan" would be a start. Lets face it Shearer forgot how he lambasted Pelligrini and City for fielding a youth team in the FAC, 2 days before a important ECL away game, that the BBC had moved to show live because it suited them. When asked about Klopp and Liverpool doing the same thing he said they had every right to choose whatever team they want Unbelievable
  10. Big Pussy Bonpensiero

    Big Pussy Bonpensiero

    8 Jun 2019
    Team supported:
    Man City

    Enticing people to hand over money that they will never get back for betting of the size of someone’s cock isn’t humour. If you think it is then carry on, they love people like you speaking up for them.
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