United (H) Post Match Thread


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16 Apr 2010
111 this time around
Some dick down below us threthrew a full bottle of coke at the Rags after the third goal, it landed on Blues. Tit. Oh, and from the same general area someone threw a coin when Martial came over at the end. Same pathetic throw as well.

We were brilliant today. All they had was Fellaini. Rashford's body language was shocking in the second half, looked like he couldn't be arsed before he was subbed.

The perfect fumble

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3 Jun 2012

On 83:45, Mendy took the ball from Fernandinho’s tackle on Lukaku. The ball snaked out to the right wing, back into the middle, out of the left, back again to Sterling in the middle, then back to the right, all the way to the back four, and then suddenly, the move sparked into life with substitute Ilkay Gundogan’s surge forward into space.

He played the ball to Sterling and continued the run to perfection, putting himself in exactly the right place to easily slot home Bernardo Silva’s cross, with Matic once again idling along around the penalty spot and nowhere near Gundogan.

The ball hit the net on 85:39, nearly two full minutes and 43 passes after the move had begun. It was an incredible, unbelievable goal from a team that has already set itself extremely high standards in incredible and unbelievable.

In case you were wondering: yes, every City outfielder made at least one pass in that build-up. From most to least: Gundogan, Fernandinho (6); Laporte, Bernardo Silva, David Silva (5); Stones, Sterling (4); Walker, Mendy (3) and Sane (1).

There’s no real shame in not being at City’s level, but if United had been utterly outclassed early in the game, this amounted to nothing less than an abject humiliation.

Dynamic yet patient, incisive yet smart, energetic yet calm; City are everything Manchester United are not, and those two minutes made that contrast look starker than ever.

better dead than red

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18 Aug 2012
The Commonwealth
Watched the after match commentary and Kyle Martino, former player and USA international, basically said he had no issue with Raheem toying with the scum players near the end of the match and he'd likely had Mata being angry with him too as he'd have done similar.

He also was asked if he thought the rags had top 4 potential and talent. His one word answers was "No." The woman commentator seemed slightly shocked and dejected by his answer.


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14 Nov 2012
Mourinho just said in his post match interview that it was a good performance from United and that all three goals were down to mistakes by his team, nothing more.

It was difficult to type this through the uncontrollable laughter.

I think Maureen is off another planet.............lol

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