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  1. I’m sure it would be a unanimous decision from us blues as well. Trying to replicate the Anfield boot room, how many of those numpties have stuck their oar in at Old Trafford so far? The paperboy, Chuckle Junior as wee Daveys assistant, Family man Ryan as crazy Louis assistant. They never learn, it’s not the 90s anymore Tony Blair ain’t prime minster, Oasis aren’t a band and the rags aren’t relevant anymore. Trying to recreate that magic tonic they had is producing more vinegar than champagne.

    How long till Ben Thornley or David May get a job?
  2. Blue Hefner

    Blue Hefner

    11 Jul 2009
    I've just dipped into Red Cafe and seen this gem "...We've replaced Lukaku with Greenwood....". For the avoidance of doubt, the poster sees this as a positive

    Say what you want about Lukaku, but he is worth 20-25 goals in all comps. Greewood will get about 7(at best) if he ever gets on the pitch. Apparently they were 30 goals away from City last year for goals scored and were 31 Goals worse from City for goals against.

    United have made no effort to increase the goals for column and Maguire and the right-back from Palace will not save 30 goals, maybe 10
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  3. It’s like saying I’ve just chopped my hand off and replaced it with a hook ala long John Silver, everything is now fantastic and much better. How many nil nils we going for this season? Rashford, Martial, Sanchez and some kid who they will hype up to be the next Ryan Giggs when he scores in a League cup tie ain’t gonna rack up the goals.
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  4. Blue Mist

    Blue Mist

    14 Aug 2005
    So Dybala is about to become a Tottenham player. How far have the Rags sunk that a top class player refuses to go there but has absolutely no problem with going to a supposed smaller club. (No disrespect to Spurs or their fans)
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  5. Ancient Citizen

    Ancient Citizen

    26 Jul 2009
    True mate, to be even giving Shrek a passing glance would be bad enough, but actually installing him
    as Manager would eclipse all the other hilariously inept decisions they've made since the bullying jock
    threw his hand in.
    It'd be like having Ryan Giggs as the team's marriage guidance counsellor.
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  6. Blue Hefner

    Blue Hefner

    11 Jul 2009
    Most players would choose Spurs over United these days. Better team, better manager, better ground and the is clearly a plan there. United is not an attractive proposition
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  7. Zubrman


    25 Aug 2008
    OAP section
    Don't give them any ideas!

    Oh, wait. Carry on, as you were.
  8. Smaller club is old thinking, they’ve been to a champions league final. They consistently qualify for the champions league whilst the rags have been in a constant struggle to make top 4 since Fergie left. Spurs have a manager you would want and players you would want and a ground you would want as well. You can’t say that about Stretford Rangers, just because they fill their ground with Chinese tourists and noncey looking Irish blokes it doesn’t make them a big team in the real footballing world maybe in their make believe world in the Home Counties though.
  9. I'm With Stupid

    I'm With Stupid

    6 May 2013
    Eriksen to Man Utd was the most hilarious one that's come up. Why the hell would he want to leave a CL club where he's a legend to join a Europa League team with no plan and an unproven manager?
  10. TonyM


    8 Aug 2006
    Can you imagine what Maguire was told all summer about the “project”? I’m sure he was assured that he was only one of many big important signings. I wonder if he was unconvinced when they insisted that Dybala and Eriksson and Bruno and ... maybe Neymar will surely sign before the window shuts.

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