United Thread - 2021/22


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26 Jul 2021
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The German guy had gotten the taste of the SAP money and the caffeine drinks money. Now, he will spend the noodle and the Russian flag carrier money. I am hoping their former manager sticks his nose into their dealings and continues to meddle.


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18 Sep 2009
Again this is just prideful ignorance.

Knowing who Ralph Rangnick is and how excellent a job he's done, and knowing he'll improve United behind the scenes considerably while stabilising them on the pitch does not make me scared. They're still going to be hamstrung by the owners, and we still have Pep Guardiola.

Do you know who sounds scared? The clown trying to convince everyone that one of the most influential and revered people in German football of the last 20 years is "an OAP" because he's swallowed Sky Sports marketing about the Premier League being the only league in the world.

Mourinho, Mad Louis & Wee Davey had great credentials, this bloke will be built up to being the greatest coach ever & when he’s slowly trying a rebuild they’ll turn on him not because of the job he’s doing but because of the job Peps doing.

Rinse & repeat.


22 May 2004
As mentioned earlier, he’s obviously an upgrade on Solskjaer. Still seems a bit of a strange appointment though, in the sense that he’s only an interim manager, whereas his previous jobs (Hoffenheim, Leipzig, Lokomotiv) have given him carte blanche to mould the club as he likes. Not sure how he can do that in six months at United, whilst the subsequent “consultancy” role he’s been given seems fairly vague. Will he get to appoint his successor? Does he become a de facto Director of Football? Where would that leave John Murtough, who effectively appointed him? More questions than answers…

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