Unlikely City fans


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18 Dec 2018
He's definitely a City fan. I used to live near him in Norfolk and chatted with him regularly at a local weekly auction.

I lost out to him on quite a few (usually garden items) lots over the years, and he used to plead poverty complaining that bidders were just 'bidding up his price' thinking he was rich.

He's a top bloke, keeps himself to himself and definitely plays up to the grumpy old bugger image when he doesn't want to be hassled!
Used to see him at Maine Rd quite often

Spurs quarter 69

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10 Sep 2020
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City and Fleetwood Town
Not obviously claiming as a City fan but in approx 1986 ish (or there abouts) i had my season ticket in the main stand and at most home games gordon strachan was there. He’d fallen out with the hard shoulder shitter at the time and wasnt in the scum squad so seemingly watched us instead

fuck knows why, we were dreadful. We HAD to watch it … but he chose to. Weird
That's right was sat next to him and his lad a couple of times, have to say a nice bloke.

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