VAR Discussion Thread - 2023/24

There are a million ways to improve this but I'd go along these lines. (Next week I'll have a different opinion of course)

1. Objective decisions, e.g. Offside and throw ins. IMO this should be 100% automated providing that the technology is up to it (especially as we are at the dawn of GenAI and other transformative tech). In fact I'd even bring the technology to the players, e.g. if a player is in danger of straying offside possition he gets a little buzz on a wristband or something.

2. Subjective decisions. IMO the ref 100% accountable. Give him access to video captures when he needs them from a number of preset angles. If he sees something to change his mind - fine. If he takes an hour to decide - fine. If it's still ridiculous - fine. I'd also mike up the refs and let them explain quickly their decisions. Again the tech is there or will be soon to make this easy.

3. Player behaviour. If an player is proved post match to have acted in an unsporting manner - whether dealt with by the ref or not - then he is brought before an independant panel to listen to why this is unsavoury when kids are watching and if a repeated offender gets punished in some way or another. The only thing is that it would have to be a truely independant panel and it would have to be consistent in catching everything (so no players/clubs are getting favouritism). Just make it a pain in the butt enough to be some sort of deterent.

4. Blue/Black cards. Do them but only at youth level. And also give them to the coaches who teach the culture of disrespect and snide behaviour from schoolboys level up. "Ah ref" should never be heard again.
I've seen it a couple of times, the kick was clearly a second act, and not part of the initial coming together, in other words it was deliberate!
Godfrey was also looking straight at Ederson when he kicked out. I just cant see how that can be deemed accidental?

I fully expect the club to ask the officials and Webb for an explanation.
I don’t. We don’t seem to stand up for ourselves in these situations. It’s quite annoying that we seem to be submissive and Calvert Lewins wrestling throw on Ruben was just as bad
I don’t. We don’t seem to stand up for ourselves in these situations. It’s quite annoying that we seem to be submissive and Calvert Lewins wrestling throw on Ruben was just as bad
You are probably right.

But we have seen it time and time again when the scousers have a wrong decision go against them they bleat and moan like hell and then surprise surprise they then get favourable decisions go their way in subsequent games.
Nobody can convince me otherwise that if the roles were reversed and a city player had kicked the T-Rex in the kite we wouldn’t have had replays on a loop since Saturday.
My only thinking was,early sending off we rack up a load of goals and an easy 3 points,so they ignore it and hope Everton somehow get something from the game which going by the fake injuries breaking up of play and how the ref was blowing up for anything mostly in Everton’s favour certainly leans towards that.Let’s see how the ref and VAR go on Saturday evening when we play Chelsea I’m expecting a similar overlooking of incidents as well if they occur..
That Newcastle penalty was an interesting interpretation of the offside law by the VAR.

People often accuse the officials of not knowing the laws of the game. But I think in instances like this, they probably know them too well and have overthought the situation to find some technicality that isn’t necessarily wrong. But probably not what “football expects” to quote Howard Webb.

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