Weird Smells you love.

Bill Walker

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24 Dec 2006
Down under
I've had a few new cars in my lifetime and I've always loved the smell of a new car, in that respect I always tried to avoid having the windows open so the smell would last longer.
However a friend of mine who is a scientist told me that the smells are actually quite bad for you and you should open the windows during the first month of owning a new car.
The smells are made up of various elements like Glues, plastics etc and are known by scientists as VOC's, or volatile organic compounds.
There are ongoing studies into whether these vocs are carcinogenic.
So there you go, if you get a new car keep opening the windows to let the smell out until they disappear.


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23 Nov 2010
Freshly ground coffee, sea air, cut grass, even though it killed me for years due to hayfever. When I'd been at sea for ages down the gulf, I often dreamed I was at home on leave. It was the middle of summer and I was waiting at the front door for a taxi to take me out. It had rained hard and that smell you get from all the plants, trees and earth after it stopped, man I craved that moment.

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