Weird Smells you love.

Elbow beards

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27 Sep 2014
the here and now
The smell of light rain over grass and tarmac after incessant spells of dryness. Just had a fine drizzle in the Dorf and the smell's beyond exquisite. Both sat on the balcony sniffing away like a brace of fine wine enthusiasts on a sabbatical to a baroque vineyard. I also enjoy creosote, the smell of swaling and the waft that emminates from a chippy when your hank marvin.
Has it took you 11 years to decide what smells you like? ;)

Two Gun Bob

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2 Apr 2010
Life is a web spun of ghosts dreams and illusions.
It takes that long for Two Gun to write a post
There's a special algorithm wrote into our mainframe that allows you to see if a thread's already discussed your POV.

The work that's carried out behind the scenes from rics backroom staff is quite frankly nothing short of stupendous. Tireless sausages working at our behest for the good of Moon cohesion and forward momentum.

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