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I didnt go in as let my lads go in on my tickets (I didnt want to jinx City, long story) so when they got to the pub after it was great to hear them talking about the great atmosphere we had with the West Ham fans. Like Sunderland they are class.

I was at Upton Park 87 and have told my lads often about the wonderful West Ham fans that day.
Sunday was a bit hazy at the ground but watching it back I thought our first 20 mins were magical, getting up to Real Madrid match levels from ast season.
I was too scared to watch, gave my ticket to the lad, but played the Radio 5 commentary in full afterwards and we were astonishingly good. Or course, opposition will ALWAYS score a worldie to make it terrifying.
Another title secured on the final day of the sesson. We have some bottle; masters of the final day win. Have we become champions on the final day more than any other club?
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